My work deals with the condition of woman in contemporary society, questioning her obsessions with body image, beauty, sexuality and aging. A feminine connecting thread is always present in my work by the meticulously repetition of certain actions, as I confront my fears by working obsessively in an intricate and laborious way.

Using a minimum of elements and parting from a concept, I am interested in using mostly non-traditional materials—such as hair, makeup, wedding dresses, perfume—to create installations, video-performances, embroidery and drawing, printmaking, book arts, and objects.

In past video-performances I question our obsessions with body image and standards of beauty by playing along with women's beauty rituals, performing them in exaggerated ways. With repetitive gestures I apply makeup continuously for one or two hours, reflecting our attraction to makeup and its power of seduction.

I am also attracted to the difficulties and fragility of being in a marriage, its labels and conditions that the different marital statuses bring on women; as well as creating work regarding violence against women, especially related to my country of origin, Guatemala.

Lately I have been focusing on time and memory, such as in an ongoing life-project using my gray hair to embroider my age each year since I turned 33 years-old, that has transformed my perceptions and attitudes towards aging. Honoring the women in my family I braided my grandmother's, my mother's and my own hair into one braid creating our own three-generation portrait. I collected the stories of the women in my family sharing the first time they got their menstruation to start breaking such a taboo subject. I evoke memories on people by using perfume thus stimulating our sense of smell as another form of communication.

Last updated: April 3, 2015